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Who We Are


  • Church from a distance. A COMMUNAL CHURCH: We believe that the Church is not a congregation of individuals, but that we are all one in the person of Jesus Christ and that together we proclaim the Good News of God's love for the entire world in his name. We also believe that this unity extends to the whole worldwide Church.
  • A BIBLICAL CHURCH: We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God interpreted by numerous authors over many centuries. The Bible tells the story of God's intervening in human history, time and time again. Episcopalians believe the Bible is Holy, but not infallible. Where there are contradictions these are due to human input. Episcopalians are not Fundamentalists. We believe in ongoing lifelong study of Holy Scripture. The Bible tells us of God's love for all humanity and especially in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, God's Son.
  • Altar Cross A TRADITIONAL CHURCH: We affirm the place of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds as statements of Faith handed down from the Early Church as well as the writings of the Early Church Fathers (and occasionally Mothers!) Our liturgical life comes to us from The Book of Common Prayer (1979), a descendant of the English Prayer Books and the Liturgies of the Early Church. Our Church is governed by Bishops who are Successors to the Apostles and who guard the teachings of the Church as was the governance of the early church, and are the foundations of faith on which we are to build.
  • A SACRAMENTAL CHURCH: We believe that the love Jesus Christ is given to us through "outward and visible signs" or sacraments, especially Baptism and The Holy Eucharist (Communion, the Lord's Supper). We also celebrate the Sacraments of Confirmation, Marriage, Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and Ordination. Our Sunday Eucharist is an affirmation of our unity in Christ, "One Bread, One Body," and that we are called to go into the world to be the Body of Christ in the name of Jesus.
  • A PROPHETIC CHURCH: We believe that we are called to faithfully proclaim God's gracious love for all people and to work for justice in the world especially the poor, the marginalized and the outcast.
  • A THINKING CHURCH: We believe that God gave each of us a brain to use rationally. We believe God reveals the Divine to us not only through the Bible and the Church but also through Science, Literature, and Beauty.
  • A PERSONAL CHURCH: We believe that each person is valued by God, and that the spiritual journey of each of us contributes to the growing faith of our Christian family.

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